Chin Up motivation tracker

Chin Up is my personal motivation tracker. Every day I rate from 1 to 10 how I am feeling in certain metrics like strength, flexibility, relationships and happiness.

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There are two types of metrics:

  • Daily - Measured every day
  • Monthly - Measured on the first of every month

It is meant to be hosted locally/somewhere free, like Heroku.

Input data every day to Chin Up

What I track

If you want the same setup I have, go to the admin screen and add these items.

Daily checklist (binary=True)

  • Vitamins
  • Coffee
  • 20 pushups for 3 sets
  • 20 squats for 3 sets
  • 8 pull ups for 3 sets
  • (a lot more, this depends entirely on what you do/want to do every day)

Daily tracking

  • Happy
    • 1 being seeing my mom with tubes coming out of her face and head
    • 10 being happiest I've ever been, nothing feels impossible
  • Motivated
    • 1 being ultra depressed not even eating
    • 10 being I did everything I needed to and more
  • Flexibility
    • 1 being no stretching in chair all day no walking around
    • 10 being I did every stretch possible and did the splits
  • Strength
    • 1 being I feel as soft as an 8 year old girl
    • 10 being I squatted and deadlifted the day before--now I can't move
  • Endurance
    • 1 being I got winded getting out of my chair
    • 10 being I jump roped for 10 minutes and ran a mile without breathing hard
  • Relationship
    • 1 being I got into a huge argument and feel terrible
    • 10 being we made dinner together and wrote each other poetry

Monthly tracking

  • Life goals
    • 1 being no progress towards goals and very depressed
    • 10 being I got a world record deadlift
  • Power
    • 1 being no physical activity
    • 10 being I ran and worked out every opportunity I had
  • Nature
    • 1 being no outdoor activity
    • 10 being I spent the entire time camping and fishing


To become the best I can be: I need motivation, I need to get my chin up.

How do you measure?

Every metric that I believe significantly effects my motivation and health will be measured on a scale from 1 to 10. If there is something significant to note, I'll put that down as well. However, the main goal is to motivate myself through numbers and statistics.

1 being the worst, least effort I could possibly put in and 10 being the best, most effort I could possibly put in.

Ease of use

django-pin-passcode screen

To make it easier to use, I made a simple app and threw it on pypi called django-pin-passcode. It logs you in to the user you define after you enter a certain passcode composed of 0-9 and #.


highchart stats

  • Month to month - Average for the entire month
  • Week to week - Average for the entire week
  • Day of the week - Average for that day of the week for the last year
  • 7 day - Last 7 day simple
  • 30 day - Last 30 day simple



Thanks to numpy I added really quick correlations between metrics, it's pretty ugly but it will tell you what metrics might positively/negatively correlate to each other.

— 04 May 2014
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